About Hometown Harvest

Tomato HeartWelcome to our exciting new buy local program – Hometown Harvest. Developed with our customers and the environment in mind, this program focuses on the superb produce being grown regionally within a 200 mile radius of Milwaukee.

In the United States, the average grocery store’s produce travels nearly 1500 miles between the farm where it is grown and the consumer’s refrigerator. When you see the Hometown Harvest label, you can be assured that you are receiving the freshest produce available from regional growers who take pride in their products.

Farmer FamilyThe benefits of buying local are many. Buying local lowers our carbon footprint and improves the impact that our business has on the environment. Purchasing produce from local growers helps to keep them in business which supports our regional economy. Additionally, it helps to protect farmland from being developed and allowing our great Midwestern farming tradition to continue.

Look for the Hometown Harvest label on your produce. It’s your guarantee that only the freshest regional produce is being delivered to your door.