Let's get cooking!

Tomato HeartGreat tasting dishes are in the bag when you cook with locally purchased fruits and vegetables. Your ingredients are fresh, taste great, and provide the nutritional value your families need.

We've put together a few of our favorite recipes for you but thousands are available online. A few of the places we like are All Recipes, VegWeb, What's Cooking America, Taste of Home, Fruit and Veggie Guru.

Vegetarian Recipes

For those consumers who follow a vegetarian lifestyle, these recipes contain no meat or meat byproducts.

Other Dishes

These dishes contain fruits and vegetables and meat.

Cooking Tips

To get the most out of your local harvest, here are some tips to remember when handling and preparing fresh produce:

  1. Make sure your produce is clean by washing well with warm water.
  2. When cooking produce, make sure to retain its nutritional value by using as little water as possible to steam rather than boil vegetables.
  3. Use a lid to reduce cooking time.
  4. Keep the liquid you used to cook vegetables and add it to soup or gravy for extra flavor and nutrients.
  5. Don't overcook your fruits and vegetables. Cook until they are tender/crispy.
  6. The time to cook fruits and vegetables depends on whether they are diced, sliced, or whole.
  7. You can tell when vegetables are overcooked - they will lose their bright colors.
  8. Make fruits and vegetables even more appealing and flavorful by adding herbs and spices.