Vegetarian Recipes

Tomato HeartThese recipes were created specifically for consumers who follow a vegetarian menu. Please see our Recipes page for other recipes that do contain meat or meat by-products.

There are many resources online that have gathered recipes specifically for vegetarian tastes. We like VegWeb, Fruit and Veggie Guru, Vegetarian Times, and 101 Cookbooks.

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Cucumber Sandwiches
This recipe incorporates cucumber slices, cream cheese, and cocktail bread. Easy to make in about 30 minutes, these sandwiches are great for parties or as a snack for your family.

Pasta Salad
This ever-loyal pot-luck staple combines pasta and a variety of vegetables for a great tasting side dish.

Vegetable Kabobs
Perfect for a summer day out at the grill, these kabobs use only vegetables that are marinated in Italian dressing to add extra flavor.

Yellow Cucumber Cake
Sounds strange, but the cucumbers in this cake make it incredibly moist. It will taste like you slaved all day to make it. We won't say anything if you don't.

This Italian staple can be made with either Roma, Vine-Ripe, or any other variety of tomato. When served on a French baguette, your guests probably won't leave until they're all gone!

Fruit Salad
Fresh fruit makes this a perennial favorite. Can be made ahead for picnics or pot-lucks and is good for you too!