About Our Farmers

Family on FarmThe local farms that supply the Hometown Harvest label are located within 300 miles of Milwaukee. This includes farms from Wisconsin as well as northern Illinois.

Each farm is required to complete an application and audit process conducted by Hometown Harvest and third party auditors. Specifically, each farm must pass the USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification.

To help local farmers achieve this goal, Hometown Harvest has created and implemented a comprehensive program that farms can follow. Additionally, team members work on an individual basis with each farm and share our food safety knowledge and industry experience.

Most produce in the United States is picked four to seven days and shipped an average of 1500 miles before it is placed on supermarket shelves for consumers to purchase. If purchased from Canada, Mexico, Central, or South America, the time, distance, and energy required to bring produce to the average consumer increases substantially.

By purchasing locally, your fruits and vegetables are fresher, cost less, and reduce your carbon footprint. An added benefit is that a larger portion of the purchase price goes back to the local farmer and helps sustain their regional economies.

Where are the farms located?

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